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An Empowering story about how to be a Great Leader

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Welcome to the pre-launch for Martin Rooney’s new book, Coach To Coach.

Coach to Coach follows the story of Brian Knight, a young man experiencing the challenges both the on and off the field that come with coaching sports. He’s spent the last decade striving to land his dream job, only to realize he may no longer have the skills or drive necessary to reach the top. After a devastating loss and deteriorating relationships with his players and family, Brian’s life seems to be unravelling—until he encounters a mysterious old coach who seems to have some important answers to his problems.

Whether you are a sport coach, teacher, parent, spouse, co-worker, manager or boss, the invaluable lessons in Coach to Coach are designed to help you recognize your importance as a coach. Written in the style of a simple parable, this engaging book gives you an easy-to-use yet highly effective formula for bringing out the best in yourself and others.

Based on his two decades of coaching high school, college and professional sport teams, Martin Rooney uses his gift of storytelling to reveal the coaching mindset necessary to be the inspirational leader you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Packed with motivational stories, Coach to Coach is a heartwarming tale that will empower you to fulfill your one true job as a coach: To take people where they want to go.

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