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Once you have joined the TFW Affiliate team, you will get the right to use the TFW name and logo.  Over the last decade and a half, we have learned not only what people like you want, but also what you really need to be successful in the fitness industry.

In addition to getting to use the trademarked and internationally-recognized TFW logo, there are a number of other deliverables that make it easy to be part of the TFW Family:

  • You get exclusive daily TFW training workouts.
  • You get special vendor discounts on equipment of which other affiliates have already used to save more money than the price of the affiliation itself.
  • You get your business featured on the trainingforwarriors.com website and are listed as an official provider of the TFW System in your area.

tfwhelsinkiIf you are interested in taking advantage of these benefits and becoming part of the TFW Affiliate network, click the button below to discover just how affordable it is to be a TFW licensee.


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