Training For Warriors: A Complete Fitness Business Solution

Thank You For Your Interested In Training For Warriors and Joining The TFW Global Network!

In a few moments you should receive a welcome email from Coach Martin Rooney with more details about the TFW Fitness Business offering (more of which you can read in the “Message From Coach Rooney” below) and your opportunity to become our next successful TFW Location, just like John Praino and his location, TFW Mahopac in this video:

“As TFW Affiliates we grew our membership to almost 90 students in 2015 and by Spring that year we were debt free. In 2016 we finished with 171 students and profited over six figures!” ~ John Praino. TFW Mahopac

Message From Coach Rooney:

Having now helped 100’s of gym owners over the last 15 years to be more successful, I have learned a three important lessons:

1.  The fitness industry is a TOUGH business and it’s called the Fitness “Business” for a reason.

Many people either running his or her own private studio or working at a gym as a trainer or coach are struggling.  When I say “struggling” I mean working too hard and not living the lifestyle he or she imagined.

2.  The challenge for gym owners is not because there is no opportunity in the industry or that they are not passionate about fitness. 

In order to succeed in the fitness business, passion is just one piece of the puzzle.  Once you have that, then you need to be able to take advantage of the business opportunities that surround you every day.

3.  Most owners do not have strong systems to follow and an education in BUSINESS.

Earlier this year, the TFW corporate team held both our annual TFW Corporate Retreat and TFW Business Division Winter Conference.  At the retreat, the TFW Team covered the future of the TFW organization, mission, brand and direction for the upcoming year.  At the Winter Conference, 50 TFW Business owners met for the weekend to map out the growth strategies in areas like marketing, sales, and accounting in order to finish 2017 strong make 2018 more successful.

The TFW Offering

These meetings reminded me how far Training For Warriors has come since the first TFW certifications and Affiliate facilities started in 2011.  At that time, we only offered a brand, some training information and the promise the program would expand.  Over the last 6 years, 4,000 certified coaches and over 300 official TFW Affiliate facilities since then, we have over-delivered on that promise and the offering has greatly expanded.

Now in 2019, the TFW Affiliate program offers:

– Official use of the TFW Brand (now a globally recognized brand in the fitness industry).

– Complete and proven training programming for entire the year (that’s every workout done for you every day with signature TFW workouts periodized for the entire year, ongoing assessments, weekly and monthly challenges, daily stories and nutrition tips).

– Custom Warrior Tracker software (this was developed to monitor all your members, track their progress and is used as a retention tool).

– Networking groups for existing TFW Affiliates (this is where you can have your questions answered by 100’s of other business owners successfully running the program).

– Access to over 200 hours of additional TFW Affiliate specific video content in our TFW Dojo (instructional videos how to specifically perform the warmups, workouts, promotions, to precisely run the program)

– TFW Business Division (an additional program which only TFW Affiliates can be members that delivers marketing campaigns, accounting, sales and other business solutions).

– Direct access to me and the TFW Team (I am involved daily with the network in our private groups and perform monthly live trainings and webinars unique for TFW members).

– Vendor discounts on equipment (which has saved TFW owners thousands per year).

Take Action: Your Next Steps

Check your inbox now for the email from Coach Rooney (Subject: Hello from Martin Rooney at TFW) who will explain more (the email to Gmail & Hotmail users occasionally is caught up in your junk/spam filters).

Tomorrow, Reid Peterson (himself a successful TFW Affiliate and owner of Training For Warriors-South Metro), who is now a TFW Team member and handles the license process, will email you a few questions and to set up a phone call with you. The quicker you take action to reply to Reid’s email, the sooner you may be flying the TFW Flag proudly in your hometown as a new Official Provider of the TFW System and Global Ambassador for our Black & Gold!