The TFW Bring Out Your GREATNESS Summer Specials!


The TFW Summer Public Sale closed on Friday, June 12th. This is a private page for friends & listeners of Stan Dutton’s Better Coaching Podcast and JoinLadder coaches. This sale offers huge discounts on all 3 of the Training For Warriors GREATNESS online courses: Coaching Greatness 1, Coaching Greatness 2 and Presenting Greatness Speaker Training.


Coaching Greatness 1: The Lectures (Normally $395) Purchase Summer Special for $175
Click Here to Save $220 ➡️ Coaching Greatness 1: The Lectures (lifetime access) 


Coaching Greatness 2: The Online Workshop (Normally $395) Purchase Summer Special for $175
Click Here to Save $220 ➡️ Coaching Greatness 2: The Online Worskhop (lifetime access)


CG 1+2 Season Pass: BOTH Coaching Greatness 1 & Coaching Greatness 2 Together (Combined Normally $595) Purchase Summer Special for $295
Click Here to Save $300 ➡️ Coaching Greatness 1 + 2 Combined (lifetime access) 


Presenting Greatness Speaker Training: Learn To Plan, Prepare and Present With Confidence (Normally $995) Purchase Summer Special for $395
Click Here, Enter Code:  PGPOD  & click “Apply” to Save $600 ➡️ Presenting Greatness (lifetime access) 



To learn more about each of the Greatest TFW online courses, you can watch the videos from Coach Martin Rooney here:

All of the courses above grant Lifetime Access to students. To sign up to any of the Coaching Greatness courses, No discount codes are required. The full summer special discounts have been applied to each of the courses.

To save $600 on Presenting Greatness, use the coupon code-  PGPOD. -Once you click “Apply” you will see the full discount has been applied to the product in your cart.

These discounts and this page will remain active until the 30th June and be deleted/removed on July 1st.

If you are interested to learn more about the TFW Online Certification Course (Level 1 + Level 2) we have a free video course you can sign up for here >

If you are interested in a $500 discount on the TFW Certification email Tom directly for a discount code at or message him directly on Instagram here > @TJMRobertson


Anyone can make someone tired, not everyone can make someone BETTER

A GREAT Coach who learns to become a GREAT Presenter can…

Earn a GREAT Income,

Provide GREATLY for their family,

Become the GREATEST role model in their community.

Start by making it The GREATEST June ever.

Yours in Strength,

Martin Rooney