“Rooney gets the most out of MMA fighters. He doesn’t stop at physical conditioning. What separates him from other top-flight trainers is his strict emphasis on being mentally prepared.”
–Franklin McNeil, ESPN.com

“If you’re tired of being the nail, let Martin Rooney and his Training for Warriors program turn you into the hammer!”
–Renzo Gracie, ADCC and Pride Fighting Champion

“Martin Rooney is the foremost leader when it comes to training combat athletes. Under the teachings in the Training for Warriors system, I gained valuable strength for my UFC career.”
–Frankie Edgar, UFC Lightweight Champion

“This training of TFW is intense—and it gives me the strength, speed, and endurance I need to take on and defeat the world.”
–Roger Gracie, 2005 ADCC Absolute and 2007 BJJ World Absolute Champion

“The Training for Warriors system has helped me to add new levels of strength, size and speed that I was looking for.  If you are looking for results, start following the system.”
–Jim Miller, top-ranked UFC lightweight contender

“If you want what other warriors don’t have, you need to do what other warriors don’t do. I want victories and that”s why I follow this program.”
–Ricardo Almeida, UFC, Pride FC veteran and Middleweight King of Pancrase

“This program has taught me that success is not just about working hard, but also about working smart.  TFW is the total package in terms of training systems.
–Dan Miller, top-ranked UFC middleweight contender

“Martin Rooney is a god among men, and if he told me that the proper way to strength train for MMA was to wrestle with pigs in their own excrement, I would do it, he’s that good!”
–Forrest Griffin, New York Times Bestselling Author of Got Fight? and Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion

“I didn’t think it would be possible to continue to improve my strength, speed and coordination into my 50′s.  After training with the TFW program and winning a Master’s World Championship, I now think otherwise.”
–Dr. Arthur Canario, Judo

“The Training for Warriors program was a key component in my world title fight preparation and victory. This training is the Real Deal.”
–Brian Bowles, Former WEC Bantamweight Champion and #1 ranked 135 pound fighter in the world

“As someone who has seen the benefit of innovative, functional, and sport specific exercises, I think Martin Rooney is giving people a tremendous advantage in their training.”
–Kenny “Kenflo” Florian, UFC Fighter and BJJ black belt