Thank you for choosing to attend TFW Certification Costa Rica

Please print this page for your reference

Thank you for your purchase for: Level 1 Certification in Costa Rica. Below is all the necessary information you need to know:

Date: March 21st – 22nd, 2020

Location: Energym, Escazú Village, San José. Costa Rica

Address: Escazú Village, San José. Costa Rica

Saturday: 8:45am-6pm
Sunday: 9am-5pm

You will get a course manual upon arrival and will learn everything you’ll need to know for the test during the weekend. Wear comfortable clothes since the course is both lecture and hands-on. Feel free to pack a healthy lunch/snack since there will be breaks throughout the day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Office Manager:

Amanda Rooney

We’d love to know a little more about you:

  • Are you an athlete, trainer, manager, gym owner?
  • What fuels your passion in fitness?
  • How did you hear about TFW and what are some goals that you have with fitness/business?
  • What is your shirt size?

If you can take the time to answer this & e-mail it to Amanda, it would be greatly appreciated.

We look forward to meeting you!

The TFW Team

Local Hotels & Amenities

Wyndham Garden San Jose Escazu (Closest to Escazu Village, where Energym is located)

2 options on Avenida Escazu (10-15min walk from Escazu Village)

– Residence Inn by Marriott San Jose Escazu

– AC Hotel by Marriott San Jose Escazu

5 mins walk from Avenida Escazu at Plaza Tempo
– Holiday Inn San Jose Escazu

Escazu Village Shopping Mall (Gym Location)

Gym Website – Energym Escazu

The Training for Warriors Certification Outline

Day 1

Module 1 TFW Intro

  • Part 1 Introduction to Training and Philosophy
  • Part 2 TFW History and Development
  • Part 3 Course goals and objectives/Format of Course

Module 2 The TFW System

  • Part 1 Power of a System Approach to training
  • Part 2 TFW System Overview
  • Part 3 The 10 Rules of the TFW System

Module 4 Simple Rules For Assessment

  • Part 1 TFW Four Step Process of Evaluation
  • Part 2 Understanding TFW Warrior Anatomy
  • Part 3 Five Areas Of Weakness of Every Warrior
  • Part 4 Five Areas Of Tightness of Every Warrior

Module 5 Warmup and Performance Tests

  • Part 1 Explanation of Purposes of the Warmup
  • Part 2 Concept of Pandiculation
  • Part 3 The Four Parts of the TFW Warmup Hands On
  • Part 4 Why Sprinting is Important in TFW

Module 6 Actual Warmup/ Warrior Challenges / Performance Test

  • Part 1 Warmup Hands on
  • Part 2 Pushup Challenge Hands on
  • Part 3 Sit Up Challenge Hands on

Day 2

Module 7 TFW and Coaching

  • Part 1 Day 2 introduction
  • Part 2 5 Tips for Great Instructors and Coaches

Module 8 Metabolic Training

  • Part 1 Current State of Metabolic Training
  • Part 2 Real Purposes of Training and Review of Current Methods
  • Part 3 Metabolic Methods of TFW
  • Part 4 EPOC and Why It Works
  • Part 5 Work Rest Ratios
  • Part 6 Exercise Dosage and Volume

Module 9 Metabolic Training Methods

  • Part 1 The Bar Complex and Kettlebell Complex
  • Part 2 Energy Circuit training and Injury
  • Part 3 Tools used during the Energy Circuit
  • Part 4 Sample Warmup “Quick Version” Hands On
  • Part 5 Sample Energy Circuit Hands On

Module 10 Hurricane Training

  • Part 1 History of the Hurricane
  • Part 2 How the Hurricane Works
  • Part 3 Sample Tabata Workout
  • Part 4 Sample Hurricane Workouts Hands on

Module 11 Warrior Nutrition

  • Part 1 Weight Loss Concepts
  • Part 2 Performance Nutrition
  • Part 3 Performance Nutrition 6 Habits for Success
  • Part 4 The Warrior “20” Foods
  • Part 6 Recovery Methods


  • Part 1 Sit for the Exam
  • Part 2 Receive Certification