[CLOSED] The TFW Bring Out Your GREATNESS Memorial Day Giveaway

UPDATE* This contest is now closed. The TFW Summer Sale is now open here: https://trainingforwarriors.com/greatest/

Your Chance To Win The Audio Version of Coach Rooney’s New Book “Coach To Coach” Plus 3 TFW Online Courses!

Coaching Greatness 1, Coaching Greatness 2 & Presenting Greatness

A Combined Value of $1,796!

 And Gain Access To TFW’s Bring Out Your GREATNESS Memorial Day Sale

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So What Can You Win!? 

In March this year Coach Rooney released his new book “Coach to Coach: An Empowering Story About How to Be a Great Leader.” Each winner will receive a free copy of the audio version of this book available through AudioBooks.com.

Along with the audiobook, you will also receive lifetime access to Coaching Greatness 1: The Lectures ($395), Presenting Greatness: Martin Rooney’s Step-By-Step Public Speaking Training ($995) & Coach Rooney’s most recently released course, Coaching Greatness 2: The Online Workshop ($395)

=> Coaching Greatness 1: The Lectures

=> Presenting Greatness Speaker Training: Learn To Plan, Prepare and Present With Confidence

=> Coaching Greatness 2: The Online Workshop

Entering this contest is going to be a big WIN-WIN for you! 

We Will Have FIVE Winners in Total! FIVE people which each win the audiobook version of Coach to Coach and All 3 of the GREATEST TFW Courses! One of the winners might be you! If you don’t win you will still have the opportunity to take advantage of our GREATEST Memorial Day Secret Sale and Save BIG!

I wont reveal the Memorial Day Dale Specials just yet, but if you have been interested in any of TFW online courses above for a while, but are still sitting on the fence on registering, maybe a huge discount to save you hundreds of dollars will help!

The Memorial Day contest officially ends on Monday June 1st @ 10am EST). After the contest has closed we will announce the contest winners and open the Memorial Day Sale!

Yours in Strength