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Rooney’s Rules


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This 208 page, full-color NEW hard-cover book contains the philosophy and wisdom of Coach Martin Rooney. The book contains 200 individually and artistically designed rules which are perfect teaching tools for coaches, trainers, parents and athletes.

Over the last 10 years, Coach Rooney has been crystalizing his training and life philosophy into short, digestible sound bites to improve the careers of his athletes. These athletes began to refer to these powerful bits of wisdom as “Rooney Rules,” and asked Martin to record these quotes as he developed them. Training season after training season, the list began to grow.

Once a list of 300 was complete, Martin picked his favorite 200 and compiled them into the original Rooney’s Rules. Although the words alone were powerful, Martin was not satisfied with the product. He decided that the book would be even more impactful if each Rooney Rule was created as its own individual design to inspire deeper thought and internalization of each rule. After a two year period of creation the Rooney’s Rules book is finally complete. If you are looking for motivation or a better way to inspire others, this book will make a perfect gift.

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